Online Poker isn’t part of the Wire Act
by Alana Morgan

So you think just because you play online pocker and you’re a US
citizen, you’ll be excluded because of the Wire Act? Well, sit tight because
many have said that online poker doesn’t have anything to do with this
act and that US players are getting banned for no reason whatsoever.

Allyn Jaffray Shulman who is a respected American legal figure analyzed
the wire act as it pertains to online poker and has come to the
conclusion that it’s out dated. The statute, which was introduced to disrupt
the financing of organized crime only prohibits sports betting and NOT
online gambling, poker or anything else. She also says that legislators
themselves do not fully believe that the statute prohibits online
gambling activity. They are just viewing it as criminal and going from
there which in every essence, is not the legal way to go about this. The
influence of the Wire Act, however outdated, has seen the introduction of
the UIGEA which specifically targets the transfer of funds between
citizens of the US and online gambling companies overseas. In other words,
online poker was not within the reach of the Wire Act’s prohibition.
The District Court of Appeal agreed with Duvall’s ruling that the 1961
Wire Act does not apply to online pocker.

The new bill attempts to make it more difficult to get money into a
gambling site by forbidding US financial Institutions from funding the
type of online gambling that the law has previously made illegal. The new
bill does not make online gaming illegal where it was not illegal
before. She says the new bill does not make online gaming illegal. but
merely speaks to the mechanism by which an online account is funded. We’ll
have to wait at least another 180 days or so before the Secretary and
the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System come up with
enforcement policies and procedures. Those procedures are directed to the
behavior of banks and credit card companies. Still, if this is enforced,
the gaming sites will find other ways for players to fund them.
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