Bonus accounts

Bonus accounts are still a bit new and need to be improved. They are actually very confusing for players and for us also (strange and very complex terms). What are they? Their main goal is to separate bonus money and your deposit money. Then you risk your bonus with the terms of the bonus account, and you play with your deposit with the rules of the real account. You can transfer your bonus money and any winnings (occurred during bonus play) to your real account after having met all conditions of the bonus account, BUT - there is a transfer rate applying with a strange formula. At Footballresurrected we think that bonus accounts are for the majority very deceptive for players - they are complicated plus it enables new loopholes for some unscrupulous online casinos to void winnings. The only casino offering a fair bonus account and simple rules is the Max Casino.

Bonus accounts were a good idea at first (separating bonus money and real money), but we don't think that it is very well used actually.