ONLINECASINO TIPS at onlinecasino golden casinoonline

Start the New Year off right — Follow these tips when gambling, for
maximum fun and profit!

Play to a Budget onlinecasino at golden casinoonline
Let’s say you’ve got $600 and you expect to gamble three times a week
for the next couple weeks. That’s $100 per session and that’s your
budget for any given session. Put the rest away, forget about it and enjoy
the money you’ve got in front of you. DO NOT under any circumstances
touch another day’s bankroll. If you tap out, walk away and come back
another day. This is how you remain a happy gambler and not a whining

Don’t Gamble with Scared Money at onlinecasino golden casinoonline
Only gamble money that you can afford to lose. Anything you can’t
afford to lose — like the rent money — is called “scared money” because
that’s what you’ll be if you even get close to betting with it. And
scared gamblers are losers-in-training. If you play this way you may well
need professional counseling.

Don’t Play While Under the Influence at onlinecasino golden casinoonline
A stoned/drunk/coked-up gambler is, at the very least, a lesser player
than they would be straight. Why do you think the brick-and-mortar
casinos give the drinks away? They know the way it goes: you booze, you

Play By The Numbers at onlinecasino golden casinoonline
If you’re playing to win, know the odds of your game and play
accordingly. The numbers may be dull, but they are your roadmap to avoiding the
losing plays. Hunches, ESP, clairvoyance, tealeaves, remote viewing and
divination are all sorry secondary choices to the mathematics of your

Take The Winnings And Run
Have a plan for when to stop. Some folks call it quits when they’re up
by 50%. Some when they’ve doubled their session bankroll. Others bail
when the tide turns and they lose 20% of their winnings. Whatever your
break point, it’s important to have one and stick to it. Otherwise
you’ll just keep playing until you can’t and by then you’ll have lost all
the money you won at onlinecasino golden casinoonline. Forget the pot of gold, take the fistful of dollars.
Greedy players make big losers.

Expect To Lose
Casinos do not depend on luck to stay in business. On virtually every
bet you make in whatever game you play, the house’s win is designed
right into the rules of the game. And that edge generally means they’ll be
the winner a lot more often than you will be. Players can find and play
games where the house edge is 1.5% or less but you’ll have to do your
homework to find them. Never forget that the casinos rule the roost and
are in business to take your money.

Play The Game, Not The Gimmicks
That “insurance” bet in Blackjack: house edge around 6%. The so-called
“crapless craps”: again, about 6%. The side bet in Caribbean Stud: over
25% house edge. What’s the moral of this story? Aside from knowing
your game and being intimately familiar with the odds you face, the moral
is “forget the gimmicks”. Sure there’s the occasional exception but in
general the “add-ons” to the basic games are sucker bets.

Have Fun
Unless you’re a professional player with a proven track record, you’re
playing for the pleasure of it. For 98% of players casino gambling is
recreation — you’re spending money to be entertained. If the fun stops,
so should you.