Everest poker holdem

May 29th, 2008

About Online Holdem Poker Everest

We offer the latest in the most exciting form of online Everest poker: Multi-Player Texas Holdem Poker Everest. At our holdem poker tables, you don’t play cards against the House or against a professional Card Dealer. Instead, you play Texas holdem poker against other online holdem Everest players – people just like you who come from all over the world to pit their luck and holdem poker skills against each other.

One of the most exciting factors in playing Texas holdem Everest poker at Everest Poker is the international nature of the Everest Poker holdem poker rooms, and the wide variety of playing styles and skill levels you find here.

Having other holdem Everest poker players at the table allows you to use a tool that doesn’t work against a Video Poker machine: bluffing. You might bet big to scare opponents into throwing away a better online poker hand when you have a poor holdem Everest poker hand, or you might bet low to keep opponents in play and adding to the pot when you have a great hand. Either way, bluffing in online holdem poker adds a whole new element of excitement you can’t get any other way.


May 24th, 2008

ONLINECASINO TIPS at onlinecasino golden casinoonline

Start the New Year off right — Follow these tips when gambling, for
maximum fun and profit!

Play to a Budget onlinecasino at golden casinoonline
Let’s say you’ve got $600 and you expect to gamble three times a week
for the next couple weeks. That’s $100 per session and that’s your
budget for any given session. Put the rest away, forget about it and enjoy
the money you’ve got in front of you. DO NOT under any circumstances
touch another day’s bankroll. If you tap out, walk away and come back
another day. This is how you remain a happy gambler and not a whining

Don’t Gamble with Scared Money at onlinecasino golden casinoonline
Only gamble money that you can afford to lose. Anything you can’t
afford to lose — like the rent money — is called “scared money” because
that’s what you’ll be if you even get close to betting with it. And
scared gamblers are losers-in-training. If you play this way you may well
need professional counseling.

Don’t Play While Under the Influence at onlinecasino golden casinoonline
A stoned/drunk/coked-up gambler is, at the very least, a lesser player
than they would be straight. Why do you think the brick-and-mortar
casinos give the drinks away? They know the way it goes: you booze, you

Play By The Numbers at onlinecasino golden casinoonline
If you’re playing to win, know the odds of your game and play
accordingly. The numbers may be dull, but they are your roadmap to avoiding the
losing plays. Hunches, ESP, clairvoyance, tealeaves, remote viewing and
divination are all sorry secondary choices to the mathematics of your

Take The Winnings And Run
Have a plan for when to stop. Some folks call it quits when they’re up
by 50%. Some when they’ve doubled their session bankroll. Others bail
when the tide turns and they lose 20% of their winnings. Whatever your
break point, it’s important to have one and stick to it. Otherwise
you’ll just keep playing until you can’t and by then you’ll have lost all
the money you won at onlinecasino golden casinoonline. Forget the pot of gold, take the fistful of dollars.
Greedy players make big losers.

Expect To Lose
Casinos do not depend on luck to stay in business. On virtually every
bet you make in whatever game you play, the house’s win is designed
right into the rules of the game. And that edge generally means they’ll be
the winner a lot more often than you will be. Players can find and play
games where the house edge is 1.5% or less but you’ll have to do your
homework to find them. Never forget that the casinos rule the roost and
are in business to take your money.

Play The Game, Not The Gimmicks
That “insurance” bet in Blackjack: house edge around 6%. The so-called
“crapless craps”: again, about 6%. The side bet in Caribbean Stud: over
25% house edge. What’s the moral of this story? Aside from knowing
your game and being intimately familiar with the odds you face, the moral
is “forget the gimmicks”. Sure there’s the occasional exception but in
general the “add-ons” to the basic games are sucker bets.

Have Fun
Unless you’re a professional player with a proven track record, you’re
playing for the pleasure of it. For 98% of players casino gambling is
recreation — you’re spending money to be entertained. If the fun stops,
so should you.



May 24th, 2008

Online Poker isn’t part of the Wire Act
by Alana Morgan

So you think just because you play online pocker and you’re a US
citizen, you’ll be excluded because of the Wire Act? Well, sit tight because
many have said that online poker doesn’t have anything to do with this
act and that US players are getting banned for no reason whatsoever.

Allyn Jaffray Shulman who is a respected American legal figure analyzed
the wire act as it pertains to online poker and has come to the
conclusion that it’s out dated. The statute, which was introduced to disrupt
the financing of organized crime only prohibits sports betting and NOT
online gambling, poker or anything else. She also says that legislators
themselves do not fully believe that the statute prohibits online
gambling activity. They are just viewing it as criminal and going from
there which in every essence, is not the legal way to go about this. The
influence of the Wire Act, however outdated, has seen the introduction of
the UIGEA which specifically targets the transfer of funds between
citizens of the US and online gambling companies overseas. In other words,
online poker was not within the reach of the Wire Act’s prohibition.
The District Court of Appeal agreed with Duvall’s ruling that the 1961
Wire Act does not apply to online pocker.

The new bill attempts to make it more difficult to get money into a
gambling site by forbidding US financial Institutions from funding the
type of online gambling that the law has previously made illegal. The new
bill does not make online gaming illegal where it was not illegal
before. She says the new bill does not make online gaming illegal. but
merely speaks to the mechanism by which an online account is funded. We’ll
have to wait at least another 180 days or so before the Secretary and
the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System come up with
enforcement policies and procedures. Those procedures are directed to the
behavior of banks and credit card companies. Still, if this is enforced,
the gaming sites will find other ways for players to fund them.
** Pocker Tournaments **

Ironman Challenge

Dedication. It’s when players hit the table every day. They’re tough to
beat, because they’ve stared across miles of felt and flipped over
thousands of cards.

There’s also another type of dedication, which is when you show your
appreciation for a special group of people. That’s why every player who
reaches Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Iron status will receive special
Ironman medals each month, based on their performance. Check out the image
below to see how you can qualify for different status levels.

You can redeem Ironman medals in the exclusive Ironman Challenge Store
for tournament tokens, cash bonuses, the chance to create your own
tables, and more.

OnlinePoker tournament

May 24th, 2008


Each week we report the leading news in Online Poker Rooms, with the
best online casinos to visit for top bonuses and exciting poker

** onlinePoker Tournaments **

$100,000 Guaranteed Weekly

Enter the $100K Weekly tournament every Saturday at 16:30 ET for your
chance to win a share of  onlinePoker’s biggest weekly prize pool!
  FreeRoll and Real Money Qualifiers run daily, allowing players to earn
their shot at huge prizes for free!  Players in the $100K Weekly receive
5,000 in starting chips, which ensures a lot of play and the chance for
every player to show off their poker skills.

The 1st place winner in the $100K Weekly will take home a grand prize
of at least $25,000. PLUS they will be giving away at least $75,000 in
prizes to the rest of the top 54 players!

Featuring Pro guest appearances including #1 ranked tournament player,
“the Grinder”

There is more! Win cash! Knock out a pro and win a bounty jackpot of
twice the amount of the tournament buy-in!  


May 24th, 2008



OnlineRoulette is one of the oldest and most popular games played in modern
Casinos. Roulette is a unique table game as it has a mechanical device
as the main element of the game. This is the Roulette wheel that is
mounted horizontally on the end of the table. The wheel has numbered
pockets ranging from 0 to 36 – and 00 in American Style Roulette.

In Roulette the bets are placed on an area of the table marked with
separate boxes containing individual numbers. This marked area is called
the game layout, and you may place bets on any particular number, any 4
adjacent numbers, a column or a dozen bet.

Once you have placed your bet, click the Spin button to start the game.
The Roulette wheel will start spinning and a small ball will be
 released on to the wheel in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. The
ball will lose speed and eventually stop in one of the numbered
pockets in the wheel.


May 24th, 2008

Since 1997, more than 90 million casino games have been played and over $200,000,000.00 US processed through our online casino software. Online Casino golden has welcomed more than 100,000 players, many of whom have remained with our online casino from the start. Our combined casino payout to clients exceeds 97.0% (which is greater than you will find at land-based casinos). $100 Free Casino Bonus! we are committed to giving you a secure and hassle free Gaming experience, packed full of fun, bonuses and the best chances of winning in football game arcade.Therefore, for 2008 we are combining all our efforts to give you the best service the industry can provide.


 Casino has been operation since 1999,
and has proven itself to be a leader in the industry. goldencasino is
primarily a “no frills – no fuss” casino that offers a straightforward
gambling experience that is simple and hassle free.

The simplicity and user friendliness is conveyed in every transaction
and flows through to the design of their site which is very clean,
graphically cutting edge with less of the clutter while still retaining all
of the necessary information and very professional, cutting edge.

by Alan Krigman

How much more bankroll do you need when you bet bigger?

Say you’ve been playing casino blackjack fairly regularly for a long
time. You’re not exactly a high roller betting $10 per round on a $500
stake but they treat you OK. You’re happy with a $100 profit and always
quit as soon as you pass that point. Obviously, you hate losing. But you
don’t panic when you encounter a cold streak. And you’re willing to
spend down your $500 waiting for luck to change because history shows
this doesn’t happen often. More frequently, when conditions are
inauspicious, you run out of time well before you scrape the bottom of your fanny
pack. And, even if you do go belly-up, you find you’ve usually had a
lengthy enough session that you deem it worth the recreational value.

This isn’t a self-delusional matter of remembering the high times and
forgetting the low. The math behind the game backs it up.

With the bankroll, win goal, and bet size cited, a blackjack player
following good Basic Strategy can expect four successful sessions for
every failure. Monetarily, that’s $400 or more up and $500 down, on the
average, for five games. The loss is under $20 per casino visit, some or
all of which is covered by comps for the buffet. And, in any event, it’s
less than the cost of a movie ticket and a pizza. Moreover, the chance
is nearly 95 percent a $500 stake will be good for at least 500 rounds
— roughly seven hours’ action at a table with four other players.

Maybe you don’t play blackjack. But comparable numbers pertain to
sessions of reasonable duration at most table games. So similar scenarios
would hold for many sensible, savvy solid citizens who think casinos give
them a good bang for their leisure buck.

At any rate, pretend you get to mulling over the fact you come out a
bit ahead at the end of the year considering comps, gifts of tasteless
merchandise, and invitations to exclusive events. Such being the case,
there ought also to be a way to do as well or better with bigger bets.
And you know, for instance, that at $25 tables, not only are there fewer
yahoos ruining the game for everyone else, but comps are more lavish
and a gracious host may even become your new best friend. But, is this
really true? And, if so, how must you modify your modus operandi for it
to work?

You’ll be tickled pink to know it’s true. Provided you keep your bet,
bankroll, and earnings target in proportion, all the math is identical.
You’re multiplying your bet by 2-1/2 to get from $10 to $25. So you’d
similarly scale-up your bankroll to $1,250 (2.5 x $500) and win goal to
$250 (2.5 x $100). At these levels, odds remain 4-to-1 you’ll go over
the top before hitting the soup, and you still have almost 95 percent
chance of being in the thick of things for at least 500 rounds.

Bet higher without increasing your stake accordingly and your prospects
dim, however. Raise your bankroll in proportion to your bet but keep
your win goal at the original level or boost it by a lesser factor and
the odds you’ll succeed improve. For example, bet $25 on a $1,250
bankroll, holding the $100 earnings target, and the odds favor ecstasy over
agony by 9-to-1. With a $200 win goal, they exceed 5-to-1. And, you
continue to face only 5 percent chance of being sent to the lockers within
500 rounds.

One caveat is that while the chance you’ll reach your loss limit before
your win goal is no worse, or possibly better, a sporadic $1,250 rout
may knock you for a loop whereas you could handle a $500 whack now and
then. And, odds notwithstanding, two routs in a row are hardly
impossible. These kinds of losses lure folks to cash machines, thinking they
can recover with only $500 more. You don’t need a gambling guru to tell
you where that leads.

Another danger is that a $100 payday may seem fine when you’re risking
$10 per round. But $250 may look like chump change in a $25 game.
Especially with little Wormwood whispering in your hearing aid how easily
you could get it up to $300; just two more wins. And you’re on a roll,
right? So, before making an illogical decision based on what you think is
a logical analysis, reflect on this rhyme by the inimitable inkster,
Sumner A Ingmark:

Percentage earnings don’t always count,
The bill collector wants an amount.

Poker Casino

May 21st, 2008

Poker Casino is a stable mate of  casino, a group
that is carving a nice niche for itself in the online gaming market,
built on a reputation for excellent proprietary software, responsive
support and fair gaming. Security is also top of the agenda, and this
includes a custom Virtual Exchange financial system that promises advanced
transaction protection and zero fraud tolerance.

As you might expect, this virtual casino is all about online poker
games. But, although the All Poker online casino may place a huge focus on
video poker games this is definitely not the only kind of casino game
you’ll find here.  At  Poker Casino there over 85 different casino
games to choose from. Here you can easily win a huge jackpot on one of
their casino slot or video poker games.

Throughout its 6 year existence, Golden Poker Casino has become renowned
for offering more Video Poker games than any other online casino. Taking
a more simplistic approach to the game, golden casino and Poker steers clear of the
bells and whistles and instead opts to focus on creating a realistic
poker experience through smooth play-out of cards and overall quality of

If you have not tried video poker before, then this virtual casino
would be the best place to begin playing. Video poker offers better win
percentages than the casino slots and most would agree that online video
poker is much more entertaining than casino slots. Included in their
long list of video poker games are games such as: Deuces Wild poker, Jacks
or Better, Joker Poker and Multi Hand Aces and Faces.

Deposit Bonus:
100% match bonus

Online Poker

May 21st, 2008

High Stakes Poker Rooms

Get ready for the challenge in Internet high stakes poker rooms
Why go to casinos, when you can get much more excitement, fun and
profit from internet high stakes poker rooms? High stake poker rooms have
players from all over the world in high stake games of no-limit, Texas
Hold’em, Omaha, Stud poker and many other poker variations. The best
online poker rooms have the most advanced technology, new innovative
features where you can find thousands of active players playing against each
other all the time. There are sites offering ring games and
tournaments, which boast of having traffic of about 13000-15000 ring game players
at peak hours and 18000-22000 tournament players at peak hours. There
are sites which have high action tables with no-limit and pot-limit
tournaments. These sites are part of some of the world’s largest casinos.
The traffic is concentrated to the Hold’em games.

Easy earnings through Internet high stakes poker rooms
Some sites have many high limit games and have different games for
multiple players. Some online high stakes poker rooms offer both juicy and
aggressive games, which are good, both for the action lover and the
advanced players looking for good hourly return. These are sites, which
are known for their generous bonus offerings and fair bonus clauses. So,
you can choose from the wide variety of games in these high stakes
online poker rooms and sit back to earn some hefty amounts.

Reap benefits from the online poker rooms
Apart from offering different games some poker rooms have different
programs, events and prizes. Some sites have many special events and a
membership referral program. Some have many special promotions such as
money added and free rolls. There are sites that offer a sign-up bonus,
however the offer is time-limited. There is an Internet high stakes poker
room, which offers US$90 monthly loyalty bonus. This monthly loyalty
bonus of US$90 is awarded after playing 450 raked hands, which typically
takes about 15 hours at one table. There is also an open “proposition
player” program, where you get paid to start up new games or play in
short-handed games. Another online poker room has an exclusive US$250
bonus with many new, innovative features in its software and a nice, sleek
look and feel. There are decent promotions and attractive frequent
player program available.

An array of lucrative offers
There are websites which offer highly ambitious weekly programs of both
fixed time and sit and go tournaments where many high stake games are
available. You will enjoy playing, with the software being top-notch
both in terms of functionality and graphics, professionally managed with
a real feel of poker. You can gain a lot of experience as players are
on average of very high quality. These high stakes poker rooms offer a
superb opportunity for you to earn, learn and have fun.

GoldenCasino Online

May 21st, 2008

Golden Casino is the perfect solution for the United States players
after the whole bill fiasco. They have opened their doors to especially
accommodate you. Golden Casino is run by the Casino Blasters group, who
run the infamous Golden Palace Casino. All their casinos have stopped
taking bets from American Citizens, so to make up for that, they have
launched this casino and have already started the process of allocating
all their US players an account at Golden Casino.

Golden Casino is powered by the Vegas Technology software (Odds On),
which offer a great slots package with the various bonus features, as
well as all the games you’ve known and loved for years including
Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Craps, and Baccarat, and some innovative new
games that will blow you away!

If you’re looking for a complete entertainment package that is
exciting, trustworthy, and easy-to-use, congratulations… because you just
struck Gold!

Deposit Bonus:
$555 free


May 21st, 2008

Golden Casino online offers Slots, Poker, Video Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Bingo. Visit the golden casino blog for online www.golden-casino.com promotions and free bonus